Elf Elementalist

Discipline: Elementalist Circle: 1st Race: Elf Gender: Female
Age: 50 Hair: Blonde Skin: Fair Eyes: Blue
Height: 6’ 1" Weight: 1405 lbs Racial Ability: Low-Light Vision


Stat Value Step Dice
DEX 14 6 d10
STR 11 5 d8
TOU 14 6 d10
PER 14 6 d10
WIL 15 6 d10
CHA 14 6 d10


Initiative: 6/d10 Physical Defense: 8
Physical Armor: 3 Spell Defense: 8
Mystic Armor: 2 Social Defense: 8
Death Rating: 36 Recovery Tests: 3/d10
Unconscious: 28 Knockdown: 5/d8
Wound Threshold: 10 Movement: 7
Max Karma: 4 Current Karma: 4

Discipline Talents (Talent Rank Cost)

Talent Action Strain? Attribute Step Rank Step Dice
Karma Ritual - - - 1 - -
Spellcasting Std 0 6 2 8 2d6
Threadweaving Standard 0 6 2 8 2d6
Spell Matrix NA 0 NA 2 NA NA
Read and Write Magic Standard 0 6 2 8 2d6
Air Speaking Simple 1 6 0 - -

Talent Options (Talent Rank Cost)

Talent Karma? Action Strain? Attribute Step Rank Step Dice
Read and Write Language No Standard 0 6 2 8 2d6

Skills (Skill Training Cost)

Skill Action Strain? Attribute Step Rank Step Dice
Animal Bond Std 0 6 2 8 2d6
Speak Language Standard 0 6 2 8 2d6
Read and Write Language Standard 0 6 1 7 d12
Hunting Standard 0 6 2 8 2d6
Tracking Standard 1 6 2 8 2d6
Wilderness Survival Standard 0 6 2 8 2d6
Pan Flute Std 0 6 1 7 1d12


Read/Write Languages Spoken Languages
Throalic Throalic, Elven

Standard Attacks/Defense

Weapon Style Action Dice Weapon Step Damage Dice Modifiers Other
Dagger Melee or Throwing d10 2 d12 NA Short:2-5, Long: 5-10, Good result required due to no melee/thrown talent/skill
Short Sword Melee d10 4 d8+d6 NA “Good” result required due to no melee talent/skill
Earth Darts Spell 2d6 N/A 2d10 Talents See Spells below for details
Flame Weapon Spell 2d6 N/A N/A Talents target adds 1d6 fire damage to damage tests, see spell for details
Staff Melee d10 4 d8+d6 N/A “Good” result required, +1 Physical Defense while in Defensive Stance, or Giving Ground}


TSD: Target’s Spell Defense, For Self, this is usually 2

Spell Circle Threads Action Dice Weaving/Reattuning Difficulty Casting Difficulty Range Duration Effect
Earth Darts 1 1 2d6 5/12 TSD 6 hexes 1 round WIL+6 = 2d10
Earth Blend 1 0 2d6 NA/7 TSD touch Spellcasting Rank+5 minutes Blend into surroundings
Flame Weapon 1 2 2d6 5/14 TSD 2 hexes Spellcasting Rank+10 rounds Weapon Adds d6 physical damage to damage tests
Moonglow 1 0 2d6 na/10 6 5 hex radius Spellcasting Rank +5 minutes Creates a Sphere of Light
Detect Elementalist Magic 2 2 2d6 5/15 TSD (2) Self Spellcasting Rank +10 minutes Roll WIL+6 to determine if something has elementalism magic associated with it, 30 yard radius (15 hex)

Casting Methods

Casting Type Requirements Side Effects Other
Spell Matrix Spell must be attuned to matrix Only the spell attuned to this matrix can be cast Spell must be re-attuned for casting something else, 10 minutes: no test, Re-attune on fly/in combat requires a Treadweaving test
Spell Matrix Object Spell must be attuned to matrix same as Spell Matrix, only must be in physical contact with object Casting different spells requires re-attunement, 10 minutes: no test, Re-attune on fly/in combat requires a Treadweaving test
Raw Magic Must be a spell you know Warping Damage Warping Damage happens if the Warping Step defeats your Spell Defense, Warping damage varies based on how safe astral energies are in area, towns/cities are usually safe, kaers where a horror resides wouldn’t be, see raw damage table
Grimoire Casting Spell must be in the Grimoire Spell is cast as per normal, with potential damage to the Grimoire Grimoire damage typically destroys at least the spell you’re attempting to cast, if it’s your own Grimoire, you can re-construct it given materials and time

Raw Magic Table

Region Type Warping Step Damage Step Horror Mark Step
Safe Circle Circle+4 NA
Open Circle+5 Circle+8 Circle+2
Tainted Circle+10 Circle+12 Circle+5
Corrupt Circle+15 Circle+16 Circle+10


Total Legend Points: 600 Legend Points Spent: 0 Current Legend Points: 600

Erina Elf Elementalist 1 Player: Andrea

DEX 14
STR 11
TOU 14
PER 15
CHA 14

Read/Write Language 2
Spellcasting 2
Spell Matrix 2
Threadweaving 2
Read/Write Magic 1

Pan Flute
Wild Animals
Language – Dwarven
Language – Elven
Animal Bond 2
Hunting 2
Tracking 2
Wilderness Survival 2

Detect Elementalist Magic
Earth Blend
Earth Darts
Flame Weapon

Short Sword
Short Bow
20 Short Bow Arrows
Leather Armor


Master: Sham’Sin


Misadventures of Legend Erinyes