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  • Combat Options

    Earthdawn Combat Reference Sheet

    • Aggressive Attack (1 per attack) +3 Steps to Attack and Damage Tests, -3 penalty to Physical and Spell Defense
    • < …

  • Tail Attack

    This combat option is only available to t’skrang. A character may make an additional attack in close combat by using the Tail Attack combat option. Tail Attack allows the character to make an additional Unarmed Combat Test, even if he has already used …

  • Tail Parry

    This combat option is only available to t’skrang. When equipped with a tail weapon or piece or armor fitted to the tail, a character can use the Tail Parry combat option to better defend himself in combat by deflecting incoming blows. Tail Parry adds + …

  • Tail Combat

    T’skrang often make use of their tails when engaged in combat. A t’skrang can use his tail to whip at opponents in unarmed combat much like striking with an arm or kicking with a leg, using an appropriate unarmed combat talent or skill for any Attack …

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