Campaign Groundwork

Earthdawn Groundwork!

Since it’s my first time GMing anything, and our first time playing this game in particular for any of us… We’ll plan on taking a more simplified approach to combat, Shaun and I are going to do some practice this week to figure out how we want it to go exactly before we make it even more complicated.

Things I expect we will start with: anything that modifies your step dice by a few steps, we can just +1 to each step to speed things along unless you really wanna modify which dice you roll. For creatures and the like I plan to simply add any modifiers. For PC’s modifying the dice you roll has the potential to cause higher rolls especially if the die “explodes”, but reading through everything, on average you’ll only net +1 to a result or occasionally add +1 to a minimum roll.

I’m gonna look into finding at least SOME mini’s, since damn near everything is measured in hexes, to help simplify combat. Course I suppose we could just mark up my washable map. I was thinking about using maptools, but I’d rather not burn images into my laptop. Oh if I had thousands upon thousands of dollars… it’d be sweet to have one of those MS Surface /drool.

Money may matter… haven’t decided just how much, but initially, we’ll be starting near or in Throal, which is a city of merchants and all that.

Depending on who rolls what, there may be additional help brought along to round things out. Thus far Shaun’s made a flying T’skrang Taildancer, which is a touch on the melee defensive side. Nate’s made a Troubador, reading, telling, writing books (and/or songs?) about heroes and lore. Andrea’s undecided still I think.

I’d like to get a gauge on what you guys plan to play your characters, ie what motivates them generally, and what kinds of things you’d like to do. World Exploration, Freedom Fighters, Slavers, Treasure Hunting, building yourself up as a Legend, solving the problems of the world, become a part of a circus, etc.

Between Adventures, it’d be handy to have someone keep a log of what happens from the player’s perspective, the logbook (as Nate’s character would likely know or find out quickly in Throal) logbooks are purchased by the Great Library of Throal for others to read and to document the rest of the world, or even help map it as detailed maps of Barsaive don’t generally exist anymore. The other reason: we go 2-4 weeks without playing, as is we often forget what we did in Pathfinder :P So this may help keep it fresher and we can just recount it quickly that way. I figure we’ll be able to enjoy a story if we remember it!

Aside from that I think if we are to flesh characters out in here, and detail what we want them doing in between campaigns, it may save us time and thinking about it at the last minute… things like training abilities/talents/skills, researching magical treasure, forging weapons & armor, pursuing tenants of a passion (religion/god… if you want your character to be a questor I’d not say no) taking a day-job to earn money, etc. Plus I think that’d be an excellent way to earn bonus exp (legend points) to apply to your character.

Time matters in Earthdawn, there’s a lot of effects that last “a year and a day” so it may be a good way for us to keep track of that too.

Campaign Groundwork

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