Character Preparation

Things to do for your characters:

Everyone gets Karma Ritual, if you spent points on it, feel free to pick up something else. I kinda feel it’s dull enough and likely to happen during down-time and the like and be a mere footnote in the grand scheme of things. I figure we’ll assume you can do it once per day, no legend point cost, as we’re only free really to play once every other week, why slow down progress? Chances are you’ll get Durability free at Circle 2 as well… something annoys me about not getting HP when you level up…doesn’t feel right that that’s an option instead of a requirement.

Try and come up with a bit of personality about your characters and motivations that we can kinda work with. I’ll post a bit about our starting locale here soon, as I’m sure a few modifications to the module will need to be made. I’ll probably post a plausible explanation as to why the hell you random people are tossed together for adventuring. I’ll probably add one character to round things out, most of the modules and stuff I’m finding are suggested for 4-6 people.

Do a character creation on here that’s fairly quick and simple. Just like… what wound/uncon/death ratings you have, skills, talents, and spells you have. I don’t need details with ranks etc, but it gives me an idea as to what I’m working with.

Shaun and I will go through combat this week and get a feel for it so we can explain it further. Spell magic’s complicated looking initially but as I’ve been reading is actually quite simple once you figure out the mechanics. You certainly CAN make it complicated… but you don’t have to. Since Andrea’s the lone caster, if she wants to get creative with it she certainly can… summoning, rituals, and the like.

Each character that generates a brief log of sessions telling the story from their point of view will get bonus exp as a part of of their role-playing. I figure this’ll help people remember what happened a bit, and give us a fun idea as to how you’re viewing things.

If there’s things you only want me to see as GM, there’s the option to do so if you think you’re being sneaky or something.

Character Preparation

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