Dec 7th events not in log

Since we had to speed through the tail end of the events here’s what happened in brief:

  • You defeated the guys who stole the silver bowl.
  • The masters waited a day or two then went ahead out the gate, big celebration, horray!
  • No one hears from the masters for 2-3 days
  • Weird Nethermancer lady tells you to go to Upandal’s Hammer (a smithy)
  • The Shop keeper greeted you, and lead you past several secret doors to a holding cell
  • A human named Joran Hardhelm (the speaker of the kaer council) says to you:

“Please excuse the inconvenience of this place, my friends.
You are obviously not here to stay. For the moment, this cell
just serves as a secure room to talk. Please, hear me out.
We need your help. Our worst expectations have come
true. Our heroes—your masters—have not reported back
as agreed upon. From what little we know of the outside, this
is a bad sign.
Unfortunately, the council is divided on the reason.
Shal’Minar believes that the Horror killed them, while Khar
Rhûz is sure that the adepts are either stuck somewhere or
have attacked and killed the beast, and are too weak to come
back in. One side wants to send out another team, and the
other one refuses to waste any more lives. Okoros stands somewhere
in the middle, since we can’t afford to take sides without
some facts. For all we know, it might be some other problem
entirely. Who can be sure about the Horror being still there?
It has not even probed our wards in five decades.
Here is another problem: we cannot officially send anyone
out there without risking a public outcry; the old feuds between
Khar Rhûz and Shal’Minar could flame up again because of
that. There are other volunteers, of course, but sending a whole
group of them would definitely be noticed. We need to be fast,
and you have already proven that you are able to work together—
and we are able to hide the fact you are gone.
I want you to leave the kaer in secret, to take a quick look
and find out what happened. If there really is a Horror outside,
run at the first sign you see and come back. It is almost
certain that the creature is unable to lurk right in front of the
gates—the wards have too much power and the Council of
Mages would have noticed its presence by divining the wards.
It is a safe place for you.”

  • You guys agree to go and take a look, see what became of your masters and high-tail it back to the kaer. To get in and out of the Kaer requires the use of The Caisson:

“You need to speak three words to transfer the magic of the
outer ward to the inner wards. The words are magical and only
work if spoken in the right order. Don’t dare to pronounce the
words in a different way and don’t even try to speak them in
the wrong order. The words are Feh, Thark, and Ber"

you guys however asked that we change the password to be that of the words used to open the necronomicon from Evil Dead, since I’m a benevolent GM I approve of this

  • After accepting the mission, you’re given a few hours to get things in order and buy last minute supplies, etc, then you head out through the Caisson
  • You guys may spend/buy/train what you wish and finish up with what rewards have been earned thus far. Though your masters are out of the Kaer, it’s not like there’s no one else that can train you.

Dec 7th events not in log

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