An Elementalist is a spellcaster who focuses on learning
about, and gaining power over, the five magical elements:
air, earth, fire, water, and wood.
Important Attributes: Perception, Willpower

Karma Ritual: To perform his Karma ritual, the Elementalist first draws a triangle on the ground. While sitting in the triangle, the Elementalist boils a pot of water, singing to the fire all the time to encourage its heat. Then the Elementalist extinguishes the fire and adds earth to the water, turning it into hot mud. When cool enough, the Elementalist covers his face with the mud like war paint, then sings to the wind, calling a small breeze, and as the wind dries the mud over the next half hour, much of it cracks and blows away, leaving behind a series of intricate, swirling patterns. The Karma ritual is then complete.

Artisan Skills: Robe Embroidery, Sculpting

Half-Magic: Elementalists use half-magic for knowledge of nature, the elements, uses of elemental magic, and other magical rituals. Elementalists may make Perception-based Half-Magic
Tests to locate and gather True elements (see the Player’s Companion for more information).

The Elementalist may make a Perception-based Half-Magic Test to detect the presence of elemental spirits within 30 yards (15 hexes). The Detection Difficulty for sensing an elemental spirit
is the spirit’s Spell Defense (determined by the gamemaster). If the test succeeds, the Elementalist can sense the presence of the elemental spirit and can use spells, or talents such as Elemental Tongues and Elemental Hold, to communicate and interact with it. The gamemaster may choose to make this Half-Magic Test on behalf of an Elementalist character at any time, as this innate sense is always active.

Second Circle
Discipline Talent: Fire Heal
Defense: The adept adds +1 to his Spell Defense.
Durability (6/5) – Rank 0, see House Rules on Durability
Spell: The Adept learns an additional spell at current circle

Third Circle
Discipline Talent: Elemental Tongues
Spell: The Adept learns an additional spell at current circle

Fourth Circle
Discipline Talent: Elemental Hold
Karma: The adept may spend 1 Karma Point on Perception-only Tests.
Spell: The adept learns an additional spell at current level


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