House Rules

Armor Defeating Hit

On an Excellent success, minimum damage is based on the PCs STR step.
On an Extraordinary success, minimum damage is based on the weapon’s step + the PCs STR step combined.

Karma / Karma Ritual

All adepts get Karma Ritual, no need to train, you can mention you perform it during downtime etc.


All adepts get a rank of Durability at Second Circle, this does not count against their talent option pick at that circle. It can be increased in rank normally.


Initiative will be rolled once at the start of combat (and perhaps again after 5 rounds of combat, to give some fluidity) This is to speed up combat mostly. Any actions that take place and last “until end of round” will stay in effect until your next action takes place. Thus if you were last on the initiative roll, you can still use things like Acrobatic Strike and gain the effectiveness of defense bonus you had planned for.


Logs as your character perceives events that happen, and posted here will award legend points based on creativity, sticking to roleplay, etc. No need to go all crazy except for your own pleasure and to entertain others. This shall also help facilitate buying most mundane equipment, and other tedious tasks since our playtime is somewhat limited.

House Rules

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