Leend Reward: 600 each (finishing previous session, finishing today’s)
30 silver (10 each)
Esparga Scale Cloak now in possession of Erina

Legend Reward: 300
100 silver (silver off defeated enemies, & resale of daggers etc.)
Worn Staff now in possession of Erina, sensed to have a pattern. The Nethermancer’s corpse was identified by authorities as Silverbrow, a human from Okoros.


The Talaras Family glad to receive the heirloom back, they sent 100 silver to each character as thanks.

The guards were happy to have caught the cultists— even with all the paperwork. When word spread, people of Khar Rhuz were glad you were there. In particular, a Weaponsmith named Elmar was especially happy, as his wife and daughter were both there, he asked that you come by and he’d be happy to forge your weapons (or armor) once. The alchemist and merchant Kombar of Khar Rhuz also offered a discount of 100 silver on any blood charms or potions you wish to purchase from him.

Legend Rewards:
Roleplaying: 50
Session Goals: 100
Conflicts (2×50): 100
Figuring out game mechanics as we trudge on through: 50
Total: 300

If you wish to train with your master, purchase equipment, or anything else, please send a message and update your character sheets.

Logs & deeds done during offtime will award between 25-100 legend, awarded after next session, depending on detail and character development/story. Over-the-top isn’t necessary, but doing it in character sure will help, and keep us all entertained.


Misadventures of Legend djgerth1