Strange Days Diary of Barry the Guard

Strange days indeed… Today we had not one disturbance, but two! Things have generally been pretty quiet what with the elves dying off and there being fewer people to raise a ruckus between the dwarfs and elves. But there’s this little trio who seem to be into the thick of things, I’m not sure if it’s just coincidence or if they’re out to cause some trouble…

The three adepts getting us all in a tizzy are a human troubadour, an elven elementalist and a funny looking t’skrang. The troubadour’s one of those that can hold a note, but is far more likely to tell a story unlike you’ve ever heard— and I’ll be so outrageous you’ll believe it since something that crazy couldn’t possibly be made up.

The elf is a bit off-putting, she seems to care little about things but when coaxed will do the right thing. She sure does look nice though. The ork that assaulted her today even tried to cop a feel. Not too bright of him though, we were picking dirt out of his wounds for the better part of four hours.

Then there’s that t’skrang, the odd one with the flaps for wings. Only one born this generation apparently, the t’skrang don’t seem to like to talk about it. But he beat some thugs senseless without breaking a sweat, oddly he was cooing like a pidgeon or an owl or something… won’t forget that weirdo anytime soon.

Granted the three of them are adepts, and their masters are all well known and respected… I just don’t like trouble, or all the paperwork I was assigned to do today.

After some digging around here’s what we’ve come up with:
Apparently the ork Gimrod and his buddies were up to no good. They were trying to get away with a stolen family jewel of the Talaras family. Apparently someone stole the jewel and stuffed it into the cinnamon rolls for Gimrod to acquire them. Not a very good plan if you asked me. Sure the orks were stuffing themselves trying to find it but Wuldon sells so many it’s silly… course apparently that was the plan. The three I talked about above happened upon the jewel. Gimrod took notice and promptly tried to bully it out of them. Not too bright of him to mess with adepts, he got knocked out, the elf came and got the guards and we rounded up his buddies. They’ll spend a few weeks in jail.

Later that night, the elf’s master was competing at Gold Square Gate today in Khar Rhuz. The master said there was a bright flash which wasn’t due to her humongous fireball. She sent the three to go investigate the light quartzes above, in case someone was tampering. Well apparently they found five humans conspiring to join the Gate Cult of all things! Sure we’ve come across one or two people crazy enough to worship that horror that might be at the gate, but not five! They must be desperate if they’re hoping to take these idiots though— the troubadour started telling them all kinds of crazy stories and they were stupid enough to believe all of it. They told their whole plan, young humans aren’t too bright… apparently they were getting bored with life here in the kaer. Not that I blame them entirely, but they could have killed an awful lot of people by severing those wires and shattering the quartz all over the place.

But if what I hear is right— we might all get rid of our boredom here soon, I’m hearing that they’re talking about another expedition to check if the scourge is over! The first in 50 years!

Well I have paperwork to get back too, eight prisoners makes for a lot of work…

Strange Days Diary of Barry the Guard

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