The Gate Cult

I knew this was going to happen, when it rains it pours. The other day we had some kids who wanted to be in some imaginary cult, or at least we thought it was made up, they were just troubled teens and all. But today, we actually were handed bodies and a couple unconscious humans two actually claimed to be members of it.

There was a decision to send an expedition of adepts to determine if it’s safe to leave the kaer at long last, as it seems the Scourge MIGHT be over… it’d make sense, the Obsidimen are both awake, and the T’skrang have stopped hibernating. But the elemental earth and water haven’t ever merged, but are really close to it, but it’s been like that for decades. So the adepts were apparently performing a ritual and their silver bowl that was used for it was stolen. What the significance of a silver bowl is I have no idea, but apparently it was important enough to send their apprentices after it.

Turns out it was crazy old Angius who took the bowl. And ran it to the outcast nethermancer Silverbrow. Well the adepts soundly beat the snot out of most of the cult, the two who survived blabbed about how the Horror outside the gates shall take its vengeance upon us for interfering with them. Apparently they were going to use the silver bowl to use blood magic and try to ensure the masters either didn’t leave the kaer or would come to certain harm once they did leave.

I’m not entirely sure what they thought they could do, I mean APPRENTICES beat them to a pulp, even though they had superior numbers! I’m not sure if they’re all crazy, stupid, or if the Horror’s about to make its move to kill us all. They claim that Angius was the only one with any real connection to the Horror, but his mind was fragile from the Horror’s taint, Silverbrow apparently was more or less in charge, for what little there was.

All that fuss, and it means MORE paperwork. I JUST finished everything from last week that they handed me due to these apprentices finding trouble.

Well if I’m lucky, I won’t be doing paperwork much longer! The masters left two days ago to slay the horror and see if the Scourge still reigns. I hope the rumors that the masters haven’t reported in are untrue. Everyone’s eagerly awaiting news.

The Gate Cult

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