Step: Rank+PER
Action: Sustained
Karma: No
Strain: 0

Research Table
Type of Information Difficulty Number
General 5
Detailed 7
Intricate 9
Obscure 11

The adept finds information through study and investigation, including library research and following up on rumors and legends, by making a Research Test against a Difficulty Number determined by the type of information sought. The gamemaster may use the guidelines for creating Difficulty Numbers in the Gamemaster’s Guide, p. 89, or he may use the numbers suggested in the Research Table. The Result Level determines how much information is obtained. A Good Result or better often turns up more detailed information than the adept initially sought.

At the Great Library of Throal, Jerreck is studying the legend of Jalendale, an abandoned kaer rumored to be full of magical treasure. Based on the nature of the information being sought, the gamemaster decides the Difficulty Number for his Research Test is 7. Jerreck rolls a 15—an Excellent Result. Jerreck had only been searching for the kaer’s general location, but the gamemaster decides that an Excellent Result earns a bonus—he tells Jerreck’s player that the adept not only learns the kaer’s general location, but also that it lies near an area rumored to be home to a tribe of ork scorchers.

An adept may also research an item’s legend to gain general knowledge of the abilities attributed to it during its history. Information gained this way is rarely fully accurate, for legends often exaggerate events in favor of the heroes involved.

Me’gana is researching the legend of Kegel’s Sword. In a book found in the Great Library of Throal, she learns that during a battle, “a bolt of flame leapt from the blade’s tip.” Now Me’gana knows that the sword has some kind of fiery ability, though possibly not exactly as described in the legend.


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